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We ground our firm roots in our region of origin: Lombardy. Nevertheless at the same time we consider race diversity as a great resource and an essential condition for our success all over the world: open mindedness and tolerance promote creativity, innovation and initiative.

Students, graduates, professionals or manager? Koso Parcol offers to applicants various possibilities of starting and developing their career and at the same time promoting their professional growth.
Getting satisfaction from one’s job is the necessary condition to develop a successful and fine professional career. Everyone has his dream job in mind: Koso Parcol offers to really dedicated persons wide space to grow personally and professionally and show their abilities.


While they are studying, if they have the possibility to experience a period of work in Koso Parcol, the most dedicated students can start to operate in a world class environment.


Thanks to their immediate professional integration Koso Parcol support carriers of young graduates and improve their qualification in view of future assignments.

Professionals and Managers

Koso Parcol offers to experienced professionals and managers interesting and exciting challenge and bright future prospects.

Distinguishing feature of a career in Koso Parcol

The success of Koso Parcol Group is based on the quality of the performances of our personnel and on their vocational qualification. We look for the best conditions to favorite their professional growth and to get their best satisfaction. Work in Koso Parcol has consequently a special value.

Other vocational training – to give and receive

The success of Koso Parcol results mostly from our potential of innovation and from our capacity to take advantage from our know how. To boost this advantage is a challenge that every employee has to face every day.
In order to find high potential employees, we work to grant to them the necessary condition for a personal and professional growth. The activity of focused and complete vocational training and the training plans are conceived to support our employees in the development of their careers, as we recognize that we could be a winning company only when our employees have the desire and the will to learn new skills and hold new offices.


As regards to women there are no obstacles towards them and our work is finalized to grant that women could be present at all levels and in every department, and equal opportunities should be granted to women and men

International Careers in Koso Parcol

Koso Parcol is world class company which exports its products and has contact with Koso commercial and manufacturing seats in various countries all over the world. Consequently our employees have the possibility to work in a world class environment, to discover other cultures, to gain new experiences and to learn personally how an international businessman has to operate.

This variety of environments represent a perfect opportunity for staff and personnel to learn from other cultures and get some benefit from the value resulting from other outlooks and ideas. This is a fundamental contribution to the development of new products and services.

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